Beyond the Practice Room

What are the essential ingredients in the development of young pianists? Certainly, love of music and a combination of skill and study are essential. But the pianists who become concert artists share an additional quality. For these performers, once on stage, a switch flips on, propelling them to soar beyond what they can do in the rehearsal hall.

Beyond the Practice Room will take a close look at this “switch” to see what motivates young pianists to perform and to take risks on stage, to experiment as artists. Parental influence, passion for music, dreams and expectations are among the many themes explored in this intimate, behind-the-scenes feature length documentary of teenage contestants at the New York International Piano Competition. It has aired nationwide on more than 100 public television stations.


Beyond the Practice Room
A film by Lucy Bruell
In association with The Stecher and Horowitz Foundation
Rating: G (General Audiences)
DVD | NTSC | Region 1 | Color | 56 min. | 2006
Price: $19.95 +  $3.00 Shipping & Handling

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The Competition Egg by Theo Fabergé
Created for the New York International Piano Competition

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