On a Personal Note

Having as a backdrop The New York International Piano Competition, “On a Personal Note” explores the relationship between young classical pianists, and their individual artistic approach, relative to their personality and interpretation of a composed work. For centuries many classical compositions have had their composer’s precise score defining each note to be played, their duration, as well as tempo, and dynamics. Added to these indicated markings, a young artist is faced with many recordings of renowned musicians as benchmarks of interpretation.

Why classical music today? How can a young artist contribute to such formal art and vice versa? Why would an aspiring young pianist endure daily hours of rigorous training and practice in search of personal expression and identity? And how to interpret a brand new work, as it is the case when all the contestants are asked to perform composer John Musto’s commissioned work, “Improvisation and Fugue,” created especially for this competition. These questions are part of this documentary, and a reflective investigation into the soul of emerging artists.


On a Personal Note
.A film by Lucy Bruell
.In association with The Stecher and Horowitz Foundation
.Rating: G (General Audiences)
.DVD | NTSC | Region 1 | Color | 56 min. | 2010
.Price: $19.95 +  $3.00 Shipping & Handling

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The Competition Egg by Theo Fabergé
Created for the New York International Piano Competition

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