Steinway & Sons Releases Commissions from Acclaimed American Piano Duo Stecher & Horowitz

Norman Horowitz speaks at Steinway Hall as Melvin Stecher and Anna Han look on.

INTERNATIONALLY ACKNOWLEDGED as one of the most distinguished piano duos of their generation, Steinway Artists Melvin Stecher and Norman Horowitz sparked a major revival of interest in the two-piano concert. In 1951, these two young soloists, still in their teens, created a unique performing duo that for almost five decades afforded audiences the world over an unforgettable musical experience. read more…

Meet the Composer, Lowell Liebermann

Under the Auspices of The Stecher and Horowitz Foundation

We invite you to view the recording of the Live Stream that premiered on Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Seminar Live Stream: Meet the Composer, Lowell Liebermann
Two Impromptus, Op. 131, Commissioned by New York International Piano Competition
Robert Sherman, Moderator

LowellLiebermann275LOWELL LIEBERMANN

Mr. Liebermann is one of America’s most frequently performed and recorded living composers. Called by the New York Times “as much of a traditionalist as an innovator” Mr. Liebermann’s music is known for its technical command and audience appeal. Having written over one hundred works in all genres, several of them have gone on to become standard repertoire for their instruments, including his Sonata for Flute and Piano, which has been recorded over twenty times, and his Gargoyles for Piano, which has been recorded at least fifteen times. A pianist himself, Mr. Liebermann has written a wealth of music for the solo instrument, much of which frequently appears on concert and competition programs.


9th New York International Piano Competition 
& 58th Anniversary of The Stecher and Horowitz Foundation Celebrated at The Lotos Club

It’s a short walk, but an arduous journey from the Stecher and Horowitz Foundation’s headquarters on 57th street to Carnegie Hall or other concert venues, but Melvin Stecher and Norman Horowitz make the voyage much easier for talented young musicians.

For more than one-half century Melvin Stecher and Norman Horowitz, duo- pianists, music educators, composers and educational consultants have been ground zero as an incubator, mentor, supporter, and inspirer of talent in the world of classical music with their Stecher and Horowitz Foundation.

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The Innovators: Melvin Stecher and Norman Horowitz


Melvin Stecher and Norman Horowitz have brought a refreshing concept to the often cutthroat arena of music competitions: Everybody wins.

Stecher and Horowitz met in 1951, and during the next five decades they toured the world as a celebrated duo-piano team, while also devoting themselves to nurturing talented young pianists. For 40 years, they had a music school in Cedarhurst, N.Y., and when that closed, they created the Stecher Horowitz Foundation, which supports the biennial New York International Piano Competition. 

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Bravo to Melvin Stecher and Norman Horowitz for their admirable New York International Piano Competition


by Michael Miller, November 1, 2016

Almost any seasoned music lover will at some time complain about the globally-renowned musicians who play at Carnegie Hall, Symphony Hall, or Tanglewood. You’ll hear that the players in this orchestra or that are cynical and bored, that a particular violinist over the years has developed into a parody of herself, or that a certain pianist is going through a dry period and that the life has gone out of his playing. The most efficacious antidote for that malaise is to seek out young musicians who are still enthusiastic and still believe that they have to do their best all the time.

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The Musical Father Figures We All Need: In Conversation with Stecher and Horowitz


by Frank Daykin, June 29, 2016

Language has become so debased in our time, words no longer seem to mean what they once did, but one thing I can guarantee; an hour spent with duo-pianists Melvin Stecher and Norman Horowitz reveal them to be gentlemen, in the truest sense of the word. These dapper men have more energy than most people one-quarter their age. Their manners are impeccable, and their nurturing musical philosophy has kept them and their students going for decades. Their transformation from one of the world’s leading piano duos (five decades) to educators (four decades) to philanthropists (two decades) is dazzling.

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The Eighth New York International Piano Competition


by Stephen Sorokoff, June 26 2016

Unlike those TV competitions which have arguable talent and hyped elimination dramatics, The Eighth New York International Piano Competition presented by The Stecher Horowitz Foundation is just the opposite. From June 19-24 at The Manhattan School of Music, twenty two phenomenally talented young pianists ages 16-21 from around the world made some of the greatest music one can hear – and and they all won. Unique in the world of competitions, these gifted pianists compete for cash prizes and concert appearances. There is no elimination of participants during the competition’s four rounds. In addition to the prizes awarded to the winners the Foundation presents a cash award to each of the remaining contestants.

Legendary concert pianists Melvin Stecher and Norman Horowitz have created an event that is different than the traditional competition model where the focus is on winning. The New York International Piano Competition provides an opportunity for contestants to perform, network, exchange information and cultivate a support system that will carry them through their pre-professional years. There was however one obvious winner at the competition. The audiences! They got to hear some of the worlds greatest young pianists.

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The Eighth New York International Piano Competition in Review



by Rorianne Schrade, June 24, 2016

Norman Horowitz, Aristo Sham, Melvin Stecher

From left: Norman Horowitz, Aristo Sham ’19, and Melvin Stecher 
Photograph courtesy of Hemsing Associates

It was an honor and pleasure to be asked to review the awards recital of the New York International Piano Competition – now its Eighth Biennial event – as I had enjoyed and written quite favorably about its seventh competition back in 2014. Interested readers may wish to read about the 2014 edition by following the link here: Seventh International Piano Competition in Review. To reiterate my positive reactions, this competition stands out in two special ways from other competitions. First of all, everyone is a winner in a way, because, in addition to the major prizes, there is a finalists’ award for each of the remaining contestants. Secondly, there is outstanding commitment to maintain relationships between the contestants and the organization, under the leadership of Melvin Stecher and Norman Horowitz, both veteran musicians and mentors. To read more about this remarkable duo, the reader can also read a recent article by Frank Daykin entitled “The Musical Father Figures We All Need” by clicking here: The Musical Father Figures We All Need. One may also click here to visit the competition website:

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A Pianist on the World Stage


by Aidan Langston – 7.25.16

(NYIPC), is no stranger to the big stage—he’s been playing the piano since he was three years old. Sham, who is originally from Hong Kong, and is a rising sophomore enrolled in the dual-degree A.B.-master’s program with the New England Conservatory (NEC), won the competition’s first prize of $10,000, plus concert and recital appearances to come.

The competition has been held every other year since 2002, featuring pianists ages 16 to 21 from around the world. Its organizer is the Stecher and Horowitz Foundation, whose executive directors—Melvin Stecher and Norman Horowitz—started a music school in 1960. The two met as teens in 1951, and subsequently built a career together as a two-piano performing duo and as educators.

Aristo Sham

Aristo Sham

“I don’t think there are many organizations in the world that are musically oriented who have contributed [such] great talent to Harvard University as the Stecher and Horowitz Foundation,” Horowitz said. He explained that he and Stecher commissioned Walter Piston ’24, D.Mus. ’52, the renowned composer and former Naumburg professor of music, to write a concerto to celebrate Stecher and Horowitz’s tenth anniversary as a duo, which they performed for the first time in 1964. “So we’ve always had sort of a soft spot for Harvard,” Horowitz said.

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