Linda Solano

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I attended the Stecher and Horowitz School of the Arts from 1988 until 1999. The school nurtured my gifts in music, passion for the arts, and opened doors that led me to where I am today as a musician. Following my training at the S&H School, I graduated from the LaGuardia High School for Music and the Performing Arts, with majors in piano and Bassoon, also attending the Dalcroze School where I studied Intermediate-Advanced Music Theory, Improv, and Eurythmics. Currently, I am at QCC, completing my Associate of Music degree. A full time student, I also work for the YMCA of Greater NY, as the Music Program Coordinator and hold the position of Worship Ministry Director at the Richmond Hill Church of the Nazarene. During my spare time, I freelance with a variety of ensembles. My sister and I are currently in the process of beginning a Solano Music Program.

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The Competition Egg by Theo Fabergé
Created for the New York International Piano Competition

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