by Stephen Sorokoff, September 21, 2019

There are many high profile and exciting items auctioned off at prestigious Galas. You can have lunch with Warren Buffett or other famous luminaries. You can replace Maestro Steven Reineke on the podium at Carnegie Hall and conduct The New York Pops Orchestra for a few minutes or win this writer to play piano at your private party if you bid high enough at the Pops Gala. Last night at the historic Lotos Club in New York City, one of the most prestigious classical music organizations in the country, had a dinner and the winning bidders at The Stecher Horowitz 60th Anniversary Gala last April and invited guests were entertained by the prize.

Arguably two of the finest artists the art of Cabaret has produced, KT Sullivan & Mark Nadler captivated an audience who are usually electrified by some of the most extraordinary pianists on the planet that pass through the musical doors of opportunity created by Melvin Stecher & Norman Horowitz for the past 60 years.

At last April’s Gala which honored Norman & Melvin, William S. Hearst Chairman of the Board of the Foundation had this to say:

“No tribute would be complete without referencing the sheer humanity of Stecher and Horowitz or Melvin and Norman, as so many of us know them. Margaret Carpenter, our Vice-Chair and I have known Melvin and Norman for a combined ninety years plus and the charm and satisfaction we receive from just knowing them is one of the delights of life. Their dedication to the cause of cultivating young artists is infectious and it’s hard not to jump on their glory-bound bandwagon that is perpetually headed in pursuit of excellence, no matter what the endeavor. Our hats go off to you, dear Melvin and Norman and we rise a cup of “Auld Lang Syne.” as we salute you on this most memorable occasion.”

KT Sullivan and Mark Nadler thrilled the audience with their extraordinary talents and also raised their glasses to honor Stecher & Horowitz at this memorable event at the Lotos Club last evening. The winning bid was certainly a win win for everyone present. To paraphrase what Johnny Carson said about Marilyn Maye…..This, you young Cabaret Artists, is how you do it.

Article & Photos by Stephen Sorokoff